Hypnosis on its own, is simply relaxation…but coupled with professional techniques, it becomes a powerful methodology…

..a naturally occurring state

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, which we go in and out of several times a day.

It also occurs as we are about to fall asleep and as we are waking.  

Far from the mystical and mysterious, the true hypnosis professional works from sound, technical knowledge, using methods that have been tried and tested.

Tracy is one of South Africa’s Top Hypnosis and Mind Skills experts. 

An Extraordinary Case

Tracy had the privilege of presenting a Case Study to more than 80 International Colleagues, at an Inaugural Congress in Lanes End, UK in 2017.


“What an absolute pleasure it was meeting Tracy, although it was very brief!! Your presentation was awesome by the way, infused with enthusiasm, humour and such zeal!!! What a blessing you have been to your lady on whom your case study was based on…

I look forward to hopefully meeting you again some day soon .”

Most Champions use some form of Hypnosis whether it's Visualisation or Affirmation.

Become a CHAMPION in your own life!

Hypnotists differ from Psychologists in that they work directly with the Subconscious part of the brain, which controls our behaviours, so change with hypnosis is often rapid.

Quit Smoking Intervention requires an immediate and rather exacting outcome. Hypnosis to Quit Smoking offers a 90%+ success rate.

..more about Hypnosis..

Self Hypnosis

Learn this life skill, and gain control over most situations in your life.

On an advanced level, we can teach you waking self hypnosis, to remain in a neutral and calm state, or at a high performance level, “In the Zone”,with your eyes open, interacting with your environment calmly and easily.

Hypnotic Suggestion

By bypassing the Conscious Critical Factor, the hypnotist is able to directly access and insert a suggestion, or a piece of desirable and constructive information, that will essentially assist in “reprogramming” your mind.

Free Association

Free association works like a broom that sweeps through the subconscious, picking out and clearing any negative cobwebs that might be around; all the while honing in on that one specific “sensitizing event” at the root of your greatest trouble.