Get into "The Healthy Zone"

High Performance Hypnosis

Why "High Performance"?

I choose to work in areas of Hypnosis which require DEFINITE outcomes. Exercise Motivation requires ACTION, so results are tangible.

My Feisty Fasting Success Weight loss programme has you feeling successful after the first session.

With the “Quit Smoking” Programme, the stakes are high, and the success is a MASSIVE  immediate victory for you! 

“Hi Tracy. I thought you might like some feedback on the progress here. I haven’t had a smoke since my visit to you, so I’m a happy non-smoker.”

“Hi Tracy. Just to let you know the wedding is Saturday. I am down 8.6 kilograms. Still Fasting. Using SVH to manage my daily calorie allowance. Thanks for getting me started!”

How can I help you?

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Quit Smoking

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