Exercise and Weight Loss

Have We Got News for YOU?

The Good News

YES, Exercise can BOOST Weight loss efforts by:

  • Raising Metabolic Rate
  • Increasing lymphatic  Drainage
  • Improving Oxygen Energy
  • Improving Insulin Efficiency
  • Improves Frame of Mind
  • Reinforcing Weight Loss Success
  • Improves Body Shape/Body-Image

The Bad News

Exercise is NOT the most effective Weight Loss Method:-

Dr Jason Fung, in his book “The Complete Guide to Fasting” says:- , “Eat less, move more” has been done to death over the past fifty years, and it doesn’t work. For all practical purposes, it doesn’t really matter why it doesn’t work; the bottom line is that we’ve all done it, and it doesn’t work.”


The Raw Truth

Whilst developing the Hypnocize Exercise Motivation programme, I interviewed 300 volunteers.

Through this process, I discovered that participants saw hypnosis as a MAGICAL fix to their exercise aversion.

I was consistently asked, “Please just hypnotise me and MAKE me go and exercise!”

Participants seemed confused by the logic of how simple it would be to go for a walk, yet how much they HATED the thought. This indicated a strong Emotional resistance, and therefore as a therapist, I needed to acknowledge the “Logic vs Emotion” Battle.

In response to this, I explored participants true motivation for believing they should exercise.

Much to my surprise, even though they were ALL aware of the health benefits of living an active lifestyle, most people didn’t really want to exercise… they REALLY wanted to lose weight. So I changed my focus.

I began focusing on assisting these clients to achieve their primary Weight Loss goal. 

Yet again, the outcome was delightful. It became clear that once someone successfully drops a few kilograms, they begin to feel more inclined to become active. 

A Win-Win situation.

Client Feedback:

“Hi Tracy. Just to let you know the wedding is Saturday. I am down 8.6 kilograms. Still Fasting. Using SVH to manage my daily calorie allowance. Thanks for getting me started!”

“I am so glad that I started Intermittent Fasting with your support. I struggled with it before, but I think I was over strict with myself. Now I fit it into my lifestyle and I’ve lost over 6kgs in 3 weeks and I’m finding it much easier. My resting heart rate has dropped from 69 to 58 bpm as well so that must be better.”

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