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Hypnosis in Sport and Exercise

With a Diploma in Sports Psychology, A Swimming and Sailing coach, plus Aqua-Fitness, SCUBA and Pole-Dancing Instructor, Tracy is also an Internationally recognised Speaker and qualified Mind Skills Expert. 

Having competed at World Championship level, both at home and abroad, Tracy appreciates the challenges and rewards facing those starting out on an exercise programme, as well as athletes competing at top level. 

Inaugural Congress in Lanes End, UK in 2017, Feedback:-

“What an absolute pleasure it was meeting Tracy, although it was very brief!! Your presentation was   awesome by the way, infused with enthusiasm,   humour and such zeal!!! What a blessing you have been to your lady on whom your case study was based on…

I look forward to hopefully meeting you again some day soon .”

Discover how to:-

  • Keep focus –
  • Improve Concentration –
  • Forget past failures –
  • Work on fear issues –
  • Improve Mental clarity and stamina –
  • Quit Smoking – 
  • Boost emotional wellbeing –
  • Reach Optimum Weight –
  • Sleep better –
  • Pain Management –
  • Recover from injuries faster.