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The Hypnocize story

During a research project for a SPORTS Hypnosis Programme, I was overwhelmed by the number of willing participants. 

Whilst interviewing nearly 300 volunteers, I discovered that the majority of the participants were ‘regular’ folk, who saw this as an opportunity to resolve their issues with lack of motivation to Exercise.

They saw Hypnosis as a MAGICAL quick-fix solution to what they felt was an illogical discrepancy between their ability to understand that physical activity would be beneficial, yet something just got in the way of their desire and motivation.

… and so Hypnocize was born.

Hypnocize is a Hypnosis and Mind Skills concept created by Tracy Clifford Statt.

It is Movement Motivation for those who feel they would benefit from Exercise, but feel they don’t enjoy it, or are struggling to find the motivation to get going and keep going.

Hypnocize utilises:-

  • Sport Psychology
  • Hypnosis
  • Life Skills Coaching